Online research for JOURNALS “REPORTING TRAVEL JOURNAL” of Pascale ARGOD, 2012

Online research for Journals “Reporting travel journal” of Pascale Argod, 2012 (Foreword : Intermediality – interculturalités – médiation – heritage).

I would like to extend my PhD thesis in the science of information – communication, done from the year 2005 to 2009 at the University Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III, successfully achieved with the mention  ‘Very High Honors and Congratulations  (the jury’s decision were  unanimous) on the subject  “The Traveller’s Journal’,  a historical and semiotic approaches (790 pages and a  corpus of 800 titles)

I bring new thinking on the subject “Traveller’s journal – reporting” to be recognized by the research community as a cultural object of “Cultural Studies” and “Visual Studies”. It is to disseminate, develop and share my thoughts, assumptions and scientific publications current and future approaches to identify the scientific object that could be divided into six categories: cultural object and visual, book report intermedia, book Intercultural and mobility, field notebook, book heritage. I intend to effect a network of researchers and teachers to develop this medium, particularly in the context of international mobility.

The subject of “Cultural Studies” and “Visual Studies” the hybrid genre of “traveller’s diary/journal – reporting” comes from a hybridization, artistic circulation (artialité) and media (intermedia) evolving into new audio media devices -visual, multimedia and digital limit. In the context of international mobility, it is a tool for intercultural mediation, intercultural education and language learning. Book survey and field surveys, it is also a reflective tool humanities, geography to anthropology but also an object of historical research. The book heritage intermedia that inventories the natural, architectural, archaeological and historical effect contributes to the mediation tourism.

Pascale Argod

Enseignante PRCE à l'université de Bordeaux (INSPE d'Aquitaine) et chercheuse au sein de l'équipe du MICA (2246 - Médiation, information, communication, art) de l'université de Bordeaux Montaigne, requalifiée en SIC (2010 - 2024 par le Conseil national des universités), Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication.

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