From the audio-visual travelogue to the promotion of “The authentic”: book of héritage

From the audio-visual travelogue to the promotion of “The authentic”: book of héritage

A medium to enhance the “authentic” travel and tourism

On DVD, collection of ten Exploration Adventure travelogues audio-visual programs edited by Gideon intends to follow an artist who develops his travel book throughout the journey. It allows us to understand both this new way of traveling places and expressiveness through the prism of the mobility of the artist and his work gestation. According to the back cover of the DVD: “Six illustrators draw travelers and travel the world … Diaries invite us to discover a country through the eyes, sketches, drawings and watercolors, a reporter designers. Discovery off the beaten path and a personal invitation to travel with to guide the eye of the nomadic artist. ” The valuation of tourist places like the city of Angkor through the eyes and the line of Bertrand Miollis wants testimony and experience travel “off the beaten path” tourist classical artist prefers to refer discover the surroundings of the site inscribed in heritage as browsing the Landmark heut to avoid clichés of the tourist. However, he mentions the city as a wonderful place to not be missed. According to the presentation of the DVD, unexpected encounters and are especially valued “Architectural Treasures of Angkor to the bustling markets of the capital Phnom Penh, illustrator Bertrand Miollis we discover some little-known facets of ‘country of smile. Cambodians have lost none of their legendary hospitality despite the hardship. ” So how not to succumb to the call of the tourist mecca that also illustrates the cover of the DVD? We could then ask what is at stake prescriptive book travel? Is there a reference for the traveler? This collection stands out for its originality editorial as “story about a traveling artist” and not as a tourist guide for marketing purposes. It would join the concept of “ecotourism” or “authentic travel and tourism” which nevertheless offers strengths in marketing and personalized travel “customized” as reflected so autobiographical book of travel, artistic memory and intimate journey. The personalized travel in which the participant is involved and becomes active by his creative process, so attentive to the world, is the promise of authentic encounters given by the tour operator. Travel agencies such as Atalanta Orients travel or use it as a communication tool and offers trips to initiate the implementation of a travelogue through art workshops led by artist-carnettiste.

Pascale Argod

Enseignante PRCE à l'université de Bordeaux (INSPE d'Aquitaine) et chercheuse au sein de l'équipe du MICA (2246 - Médiation, information, communication, art) de l'université de Bordeaux Montaigne, requalifiée en SIC (2010 - 2024 par le Conseil national des universités), Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication.

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