The heritage as an object and historical research in human and social sciences: towards e-museumgraphy

The ‘Fonds Anciens’ and the field diary or travelogue diary (corpus of my PhD thesis, 2009) are a source of study for the human sciences, mostly on the epistemology of geography and ethnology – anthropology, but also for the genetic of visual arts, and heritage would be a fruitful subject for digital humanities. From pictorial works to inventory of heritage work, from illustrations of Elsewhere to ethnography and cultural geography, a corpus of diaries – mostly of travels often considered as research diaries – which would be scanned in order to incorporate a heritage oriented e-museum, would increase the value of such diaries at the national level which are conserved in museums, libraries and education based companies. As much a support, a tool and an object of research, the diaries thanks to watercolour drawings has been in the service of science and the very beginnings of the birth of the human sciences. A personal tool of research and creative inspiration for artists, the intermedia travelogue diary – reporting, from a structure work to a website is also a reflective tool for humanities, from geography to anthropology but also for enhancement of monumental Heritage and Tourism: a research field diary, an ethnographic diary or a diary of observations recorded. A set of visual or textual notes and sketches, it is the memory of the artist or scientist on the field or during a journey: collection of material, observations, a harvest of the fruits of hard work or research.


The catalogue of archives and manuscripts of French academic libraries:

The online inventory of digitized corpus and digitization projects of institutions and organizations of Higher Education and Research:

Courses of studies:

Geological diaries of Philippe Glangeaud from 1899 to 1929 in Auvergne. University Library of Clermont-Ferrand

Travelogues of Jean Dresh 115 manuscripts written on the field between 1934 and 1990 Université Paris 8

Travelogue diaries of  Jules Cloquet in Italy in 1837. Université Paris 5.

L’herbier de Paolo Boccone in 1670. University library of Paris 5.

Pierre Loti designer A work of long duration. Alain Quella-Villéger Bruno Vercier. Bleu around 2010.

Carnets Mexicains d’Henri Cartier-Bresson – – 1934-1964. Hazan, 1995.

Travelogue diaries (1856-1857). Herman Melville, translated from English by and presentation by Philippe Jaworski. Mercure de France, 1993.

Samuel de Champlain: Travelogue diaries  of Canada: A cartoon strip of the seventeenth century played by Patrick Henniquau, Bernard Mounier. Bonne Anse Editions, Micro-Media, 2007.

La collection Léo Drouyn, albums of drawings by the publishing house Entre-deux-mers: five volumes published since 1997.

Le voyage d’Arthur Young to France, 1787, 88, 89

Voyage dans les Pyrénées . Taine Hipollyte et Gustave Doré. Ed MontHélios 2002

La Terre sainte hier et aujourd’hui : lithographies et journal de David Roberts Fabio Bourbon, David Roberts. Paris: Herscher, 1997.

Project by LIDO on Voyage en Auvergne by Étienne-Jean Delécluze (1781-1863):

Quatre siècles de cartographie en Auvergne by Mauricette Fournier

Geoculture. La France vue par les écrivains

Pascale Argod

Enseignante PRCE à l'université de Bordeaux (INSPE d'Aquitaine) et chercheuse au sein de l'équipe du MICA (2246 - Médiation, information, communication, art) de l'université de Bordeaux Montaigne, requalifiée en SIC (2010 - 2024 par le Conseil national des universités), Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication.

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