The audiovisual or cinematographic travelogue : use of multiple média (intermedia) support for reporting

The audiovisual or cinematographic travelogue : use of multiple média (Intermedia) support for reporting

“The travel audio-visual or cinematic genre intermedial, search and dissemination of travel” authentic “, Journal Téoros Journal of Tourism Research, University of Quebec at Montreal, UQAM, August 2011 issue on” The film – tourism “directed by Alain Grenier, p. 117-125 (9 pages)

Proceedings of the living testimony of the traveler, the travel book would decline also be in various forms audio-visual: the emergence of graphic arts work in film, television series of travelogues, the creation of a documentary journey or quest ethnographic reportage naturalist expeditions referred to “scientific.” With his eyes sensitive to the world and travel, book travel queries the real ambivalence between creative documentary and fiction. Filmed autobiography of a journey original, the travelogue film is borrowing the legacy of ethnographic cinema of Jean Rouch and transgression of boundaries between documentary and fiction. It is a creative documentary on the theme of a journey in search of anthropology or ethnography of travel or fiction in the style of “Road movies” in search of the wandering and self. This medium could it promote “authentic tourism”? Through a corpus of forty example, we will try to develop aspects of the “Diary” and then define this hybrid genre film as a tourism-oriented travel authentic.

Diaries and cinematographic works on the trip (which I mentioned in the article)

Gedeon Programmes (2007) Collection Diaries: exploration adventure, collection of eight DVD documentaries, Paris: Gedeon Programmes, Arte EEIG

Arthus-Bertrand, Yann Goodplant Asociation (2009). 6 Billion Others project by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Goodplanet Association. performed by Sibylle Orgeval and Baprsite Rouget-Luchaire. 6 billion Others-Gooplanet, Video Editing France Télévisions Distribution, Gooplanet, CNC.

BERGERET Jean-Claude (1957). KRIER Jacques. Discovering French, ORTF.

Yves BOURGEOIS (2000). Missing, the mystery of Vanikoro the footsteps of Lapérouse. ATOM co-France 3

Yves BOURGEOIS (1997). Scent of adventure. ATOM, France 3, Thalassa,

BRINGUIER Jean-Claude, Hubert Knapp (1973-1979). The last farmers and hype. INA, 2 DVD, color, 165 min.

BRINGUIER Jean-Claude. KNAPP Huber, Peter Sabbach (1957-1962). Sketches. The provincial

CLOT Christian (2005). Ultima Cordillera, in the heart of the storm. Ultimaterra MC4-Production, France 5 TSR.

CLOT Christian (2005). Ultima Cordillera, the origins of the world. Ultimaterra MC4-Production, France 5, TSR, 52 minutes

COUSIN Christophe. Roads mythical Escapes beautiful thirteen episodes. France 5. 13 x 52 mn

Maximy Antoine (2004-2007). I’ll sleep with you. Issued by France 5. Paris: Bonne Pioche, Travel, 13 X 52 x 52 min and 10 min

DEPARDON Raymond (2000, 2001). Profiles Farmers: Chapter 1 The approach and Palmeraie Desert, Canal +, 90 mins

DEPARDON Raymond (2004, 2005). Profiles Farmers: Chapter 2 daily and Palmeraie desert Canal +, 85 mins

DEPARDON Raymond (2008). Modern life, Un Certain Regard, co Arte, 1:30

Bastien Dubois (2008). Book trip to Madagascar, Editions Reflections Elsewhere, DVD, 2011.

Robert FLAHERTY (1922). Nanook the Eskimo, USA: Revillon Frères

FRANCESCHI Patrice (2006). The Boudeuse around the world. Flight Productions. Aired France 5.

Bernard Giraudeau (1992). The travel Bernard Giraudeau Editions Montparnasse 2005. (DVD: the trilogy of films broadcast on Canal Plus)

HOPPER Denis, Peter Fonda (1968). Easy Rider. Columbia Pictures, Raybert Productions, Pando Company, William L. Hayward, Bert Schneider, Paul Lewis, 94 mins

Henri-François Imbert (1996). On the beach.

Henri-Francois Imbert (1999). Doulaye – rainy season. Free Courses (Paris), 80 min.

Robert Kramer (1989). Route One USA. RAI Tre, Channel Four (London), La Sept Cinéma, Les Films d’Ici (Paris) 248 minutes

Patrice Leconte (2004). Dogora: open your eyes. TF1 Video Epithète Films (Boulogne-Billancourt) Zulu Films, 80 min

Bernard-Henri Levy (text) (2007), Gilles Herzog, HABIC Alexander (screenplay), NETCHAK Michko (realization), (2006). American Vertigo, The Encounters Film, France 2 Cinéma, Company Z (Brussels), 95 min

Louis Malle (1968), India phantom reflections on a trip, Etienne Becker, Jean-Claude Laureux, Elliott Kastner, NEF – Editions New Films (Paris). 7 x 52 min (DVD repr Development Arte France, 2005)

Louis Malle (1968). Calcutta, Etienne Becker, Jean-Claude Laureux, Elliott Kastner, NEF – Editions New Films (Paris), 105 min (DVD repr Development Arte France, 2005)

Chris Marker (1982-1983). Without the sun, Anatole Dauman, Argos Films.

Chris MAKER. Sunday in Beijing (1956), Argos Films, Movies Pavox, 22 min

Chris MAKER. Letters of Siberia (1958), Anatole Dauman, Argos Films, Procinex, 67 minutes

Chris MAKER. If Cuba (1961). Pierre Braunberger, Les Films de la Pléiade (Paris) 57 min

Maximy From Antoine (2007-2008). I’ll sleep in Hollywood, Bonne Pioche production with the participation of France 5, Canal + and Cinémage 2, Buena Vista Home entertainement 1H 40 DVD

Frédéric Mitterrand (1982). Love letters in Somalia. Les Films du Losange, 1H 35

Roberto Rossellini (1959). I had a great trip, O.R.T.F. – Office of Radio and Television French, 239 min

Roberto Rossellini (1959). India, Jean Bhownhagari Aniene Film (Roma), SFS Edition, DVD 90 min.

Rouch Jean Rouch. Masters fools (1956). Les Films de la Pléiade Fund, Jean Rouch, 28 min

SABBACH Pierre (1961). The magazine explorers,

ROOMS Walter (2004 – 2005). Che Guevara: travelogues (The Motorcycle Diaries), FilmFour Limited, video editing Diaphana, 2005. 2H 06

Tim Mackintosh Smith (2006). In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta: a passion for travel (Journey of Ibn Battuta). BBC.1H.

TELMON Priscilla (2005). The direction of travel. directed by Henri de Gerlache & Augustin Viatte Gideon Programs, France5, 3×52 min

TELMON Priscilla (2005). A Peter Travers of Luc-Henri Fage, Digital Video, France5, 52 min.

TELMON Priscilla (2005-2006). Thierry Robert. Tibet travel ban. directed by Henri de Gerlache, Frederic Febvre … Bonne Pioche, France3, Travel, RTBF … 60 min and 75 min.

Priscilla TELMON (2001). The Ride of the steppes with Sylvain Tesson, Addis productions, 52 min.

Nicolas Vanier (2004). The last trapper. Jean-Pierre Bailly (MC4), TF1, MC4 PRODUCTION, 1H 34.

Dziga Vertov (1928-1929). The man with the camera (Celovek Kinoapparatom) VUFKU, 70 min.

WENDERS Wim (1984). Paris-Texas, Road Movies Filmproduktion (Berlin) Argos Films, WDR – Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Cologne), Channel Four (London), 150 min

WIEDER Alain, Jean-Claude GUIDECELLI, DESPORTES Luc (2006). Adventurer. Paris: France 5, La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, Lobster Films, 6 x 52 minutes

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