Valorisation internationale du carnet de voyage, outil de formation

The NELLIP project, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme – KA2 Languages, I am now writing to invite you to participate in the third NELLIP Transnational Workshop entitled Quality in Language Learning and Future Perspectives of the European Language Label. The Transnational Workshop will be held in the framework of the 6e Edition of the ICT for Language Learning international conference that will be held in Florence

Trois propositions de communications en colloques internationaux sur le carnet de voyage, outil pédagogique

– Base Languages de la Commission européenne : Label européen des langues 2011

– The International Conférence ICT for language learning 2013

Title : The University Award of Travelogue (Travel Reporting), a Tool Academic Expertise of International Mobility (P. Argod)


Title : The Travelogue and Travel Reporting, a Tool for Training and Learning, for European Mobility and Intercultural References (P. Argod)


– The 11th International Conference on Innovation in Education 2014 à Paris – France, July 7-10, 2014.

Title : Travelogue reporting tool for a pedagogy of creativity (P. Argod)

The travel and reportage, intermedia , album and internet, is university through a creative and reflective teaching tool that promotes language learning and intercultural education from kindergarten to the personal expression and practice of the visual arts from a trade or international mobility. Awarded the “European Language Label 2011”, it becames a training tool for international and European mobility programs as well as capitalization and assessment for a personal project as professional as added value for European programs. It is used as part of a cross pedagogy in the 1st and 2nd degrees to encourage expression and creativity in the creative process used : narration scripted to witness and experience a shift in words and images, original spatial organization and creating an image where the text is entwined in the same composition graphic, use the various functions of the image, transcription movement through the pages, questions raised by the journey that acts on change benchmarks, double vocation of the hybrid genre of story ( time and place mentioned / psychology and intention of the author ), and observation statements drawn… Twelve projects on Bordeaux in schools level college and high school , we can understand the diversity of implementations of embodiments of a travel blog – story within a transdisciplinary creative pedagogy. From a selection of travel books produced by students and awarded by the National Price School book travel created in 1999 (by the CRDP Auvergne – Ministry of Education – for fourteen years) we analyze the cognitive contributions of this tool and we will evaluate how creativity can bring this production in the student trying to determine creative, conative and cognitive emotional processes (Todd Lubart , 2003 Nathalie Bonnardel , 2005, 2006 , 2009 Shelley Carson, 2011). It launched the first International Award university travelogue reporting in 2013 that caters to French or foreign students. National training courses for teachers in arts and culture (SCEREN – Ministry of National Education), entitled Teaching Travelogue I organized since 2004, provide some avenues for cross pedagogy of creativity.

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Pascale Argod

Enseignante PRCE à l'université de Bordeaux (INSPE d'Aquitaine) et chercheuse au sein de l'équipe du MICA (2246 - Médiation, information, communication, art) de l'université de Bordeaux Montaigne, requalifiée en SIC (2010 - 2024 par le Conseil national des universités), Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication.

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